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The time has finally come – our first milling operations. The first  operation has gone better than planned with all dimensions coming out as expected and our new milling machine performing as smooth as we could have hoped for.

The process of going from a CAD design to a physical milled part in your hand is quite the achievement. We knew it would not be exactly what we wanted but the list of items we needed to address was relatively short. The main thing we found we wanted to improve on was some of the radius cuts around the edges to make the bumpers a bit softer to the eye and to the touch. Keeping the finish in mind, we are going to improve on the outer bumper areas to make the edges less sharp so when the final finish is applied, it will hold up better to normal wear and tear a putter goes through when played. We also identified some tooling needs to accomplish the fine points of the design.

This prototype is being developed for a local talent here in Denver Colorado – A player that we are very excited to have the opportunity to have a Carbon Putter in his bag. His feedback was positive, and had  another request for a second model with a longer neck. After a round of golf with him over the weekend, I am excited for the bright future he has and also excited we have a chance to have a Carbon Putter in his bag soon. Giving him the opportunity to have a custom milled putter to his specs is a tall task in respect to improving an already advanced short game – but it is one we are going to make sure we get right.

Getting feedback on the design has been a good experience for everyone at the shop. All the people we have talked to have been really impressed with the clean look  and direction of our designs. Our next step in the feedback loop will be introducing our branding and engravings for our production putters.

In this picture you will see what a putter looks like after the first operation of the milling process. This prototype is done with a solid carbon steel billet – as you can imagine, a lot of material is scrap in the process.  At this stage of the game that a small concern we can address at a later time and our concentration is to get a prototype in the hands of some influential players to get their feedback.

You will also notice a surface texture  you probably are not used to seeing compared to the final product. The milling patterns are still raw and the beauty of that is probably only appreciated by a small number of people who have had the first hand experience of watching a solid piece of metal be milled to such a precise piece with many advanced radiuses and cuts. Once the putter is complete, the milling patterns will be eliminated using an abrasive media to achieve a low glare surface.

More posts to come as this proto continues down the path of completion.

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