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Yes, we are all aware here at Carbon Putters that there are many options when it comes to the classics in respect to putter designs. So, why are we stepping in line to be the next putter company to mill classic designs? I’ll try to sum it up in four reasons.

1. Benchmarking

I cant think of one putter company that started and succeeded with a wild new design as their flagship model. The reason why, in my opinion is that there needs to be a benchmark. How would the market know if our putter is worth a dam unless they can compare it to a design that they are familiar with? In the eyes of a novice golfer all the putters look the same, but when it comes to players who are seeking a fine milled putter the difference is clear in the details. Materials, approach to design, balance and of course – feel are what make the difference between a putter, and a putter you need in your bag. Feel is an interesting topic – one I will go in to in a future post.

2. Legitimacy 

I have noticed over the years a lot of radical designs pop up on forums and ads across the web. But, I have not seen very many on actual greens or pro shops. I believe the reason why is the market wants to see classic models in your line up so they  can see you have the most popular models covered. I also think this goes hand in hand with benchmarking – I have a hard time thinking of a mainstream putter company that has not put their own stamp on classic designs.

3. We are different

Even if our models look familiar, we are focused on bringing a whole new experience around custom milled putters. As it develops, we will be diving in to details about the custom options we will have within our line of putters that is truly unique and a first to the industry.

4. Business… of course. 

Classic designs are what a majority of the market wants. They have experience with classic models and perhaps just as important they see the players on TV that they respect playing classic models. From a business prospective it is critical to have a well executed classic putter line.

We are committed to progressing within classic lines and also pushing outside our comfort level to have future designs and materials that are outside the box. Our company culture leans towards classic designs as we have all grown up playing them and see an opportunity to improve within that market. Stay in touch with us, we hope you like what you see.

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