Carbon Ringo 1/4 Wins – 2015 Most Wanted Blade Putter

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most-accurate-putter – a leading authority in golf equipment conducted a scientific based contest for the most accurate blade putter. Many companies submitted their best blade for the contest from boutique putter companies to the heavy hitters. The contest goal was to find the putter that had the strongest “strokes gained”, a statistic that reflects how many strokes you can expect to drop in a round of 18 holes.

When reached out and requested a putter to be sent in we had an overview of how they were going to test and what the requirements were for the “blade” category. After reading the request, our shop had a discussion on what putter would be the most accurate if a player walked in the shop and asked us for a putter that would improve their game. The Ringo 1/4 was the answer.

The classic design of the Ringo 1/4 has some measurable differences among the competitors. First, the head weight is 370 grams – normal head weights are around 330 – 350 grams in modern blade putters. The second difference is the plumbers neck is 1/4 of an inch longer than what we consider a “normal” length. This subtle difference is very difficult to notice at address, but what it does is reduce the toe hang slightly so it plays more face balanced.

Unlike some of the other putters in the mix, the putter we sent was carbon steel. We use a rust free black finish that is softer than a plated (chrome) carbon steel putter as it relates to sound. This, along with having a very mild face milling pattern that is nearly perfectly smooth provides a crisp sound feedback. Our opinion on sound is that you need to hear the putter sound differently from a 3 footer to a 10 footer as the acoustic feedback is the most critical aspect of feel. Once a player knows what to expect from the sound of the putter as it relates to how hard they hit the putt, then the player can repeat that stroke more easily. This is why we don’t believe in soft inserts –  you can’t hear the difference between a long and short putt.

The specs of the putter were as follows

  • Carbon Ringo 1/4 Long Neck – 370 gram head
  • FST Steel Shaft – Coated in matte black (pure cosmetic effect, does not alter performance of the shaft)
  • SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Midnight Series
  • 3 Degrees Loft
  • 71 Degree Lie
  • 34 Inches (as requested by

We were not surprised the putter tested well, we were surprised however at being significantly on top. What we had declared as the most important aspects of a putter just over a year ago were validated.

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